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Meet the Team

  • Steve Allan

    Steve Allan

    Job Title
    Managing Director

    Steve started Verve Security as an additional service for customers of Verve Workspace - a leading office furniture and business interiors provider working across the UK. Looking at the security industry, Steve felt that overall things could be improved for the customer. Friendly, honest pricing and professional, reliable service are the priority, as in all Verve businesses. In 2018 Verve Security became part of the Verve Workspace Group which has an established reputation for doing things properly, whilst remaining friendly and affordable.

    Steve was born in Glasgow and is married with three young daughters. Having lived most of his life in London, he moved to Northamptonshire for some fresh air and countryside. He is a keen car enthusiast, and enjoys driving and cleaning his car. He loves films and music and was a successful London DJ in the early to late 1990’s performing for TV companies and celebrity parties, private functions, nightclubs and even Royal Family events.

    Steve is also known for his bad jokes, and the ability to remember them at the most inappropriate moments. He denies that he looks like a taller Ricky Gervais (or did when he was younger and had some hair anyway).

  • Chris Hawes

    Chris Hawes

    Job Title
    Installation Director

    Having been working in the security industry for many years, Chris is perfectly placed to ensure our high standards of installation are met. A friendly, informative guy Chris is a keen follower of The Saints rugby club, and a keen photographer.

  • Jay Iddles

    Jay Iddles

    Job Title

    Having worked as an estate agent for some years, Jay is no stranger to property and serving customers well. Thankfully, he’s not your stereotypical estate agent and our customers like Jay and his helpfulness and enthusiasm.

    He is always keen to help, and goes out of his way to help our customers solve challenges, and make things run smoothly.

    Jay is married with two young children, and he enjoys DIY and going to the cinema. Jay is a huge Queen and Freddie Mercury fan, and is often found humming/singing their songs –even though he was only 4 when Freddie Mercury passed away. If he breaks into song in your home or office – we can only apologise in advance, and be grateful he’s not a Justin Bieber fan instead.

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