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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

As a security company we recognise that you are putting 100 % trust in our hands and we treat this with the respect that it deserves. To put your mind at rest we offer a few guarantees:

We guarantee a personalised approach to your business - That we're not just rolling out the same thing for every customer. Every business security need is different - and the solution should be too.

We guarantee to be honest with you about the options for your project - We won't resort to saying anything to simply close a sale. We will always tell you if we think a budget, timescale or scale of a project could be problematic. We will of course offer solutions and scenarios for a client to consider and choose from too. Whilst we are definitely problem solvers and creative thinkers - we won't mislead our customers. We take a long term view of the relationship - and not short terms gains.

We guarantee complete confidentiality about your project, and will be straight with you about any hard realities of a planned project - We don't share information on projects with anyone outside of Verve. This includes any sensitive internal security concerns within your organisation - we operate with discretion and integrity.

We guarantee to operate with integrity, and respect your business - Essentially, that we will be mindful of your best interests. We will respect your budgets - large or modest - and work to ensure you get the best long term value for your business.

We guarantee that we will not knowingly take an order that we cannot fulfil in the timescale agreed at point of order - Sadly, we have lost orders to competitors who have promised to install quicker than it is possible to do. We have often spoken to a manufacturer and they cannot physically supply equipment in the timescale demanded - and we're honest with you about it. Other companies have knowingly misled the customer to get the order - knowing they'll delay it later. We will never do that. We'd rather not lose the order - but we won't win it on a lie.

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